I just bought an e-copy of Learning Vaadin […] and I’m happy somebody wrote this. […] Why I think this book is great? I’m trying to introduce Vaadin to some of my coworkers, but Book of Vaadin is, as I’m told, too complex and too reference-style. This book is just what they need, something even a complete beginner could read and learn something. Here, in Slovenia, not many people know about Vaadin and a book like this will surely spread its use. I just want You guys to know your work is deeply appreciated in more places than you probably imagine :) Keep up the good work! Mario Maric, Slovenia

Announcement: Learning Vaadin 7 is released! Get it now from Packt, Amazon, Barnes and Nobles or Safari Books Online!

During the writing of Learning Vaadin, I had many themes I wanted to write about. Unfortunately, books are finite in space as well as in time and I was forced to leave out some interesting areas of Vaadin that couldn’t fit in, much to my chagrin.

This site is meant to gap the bridge between what I wanted and what I could. Expect to see articles related to Vaadin!